Student Testimonials

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A few words from our students

“Theatre has been one of the only places where I feel as though I truly belong. That is all because of the tight-knit community that is this incredible organization. It has been awe inspiring for me to see all of these different people come together for one shared love of all things theatre related. Whether it be acting, dancing, singing, or being behind the scenes, everyone in Midlothian Theatre has a connection because of the one thing they all take part in, theatre. Over these past, almost 4 years, I have seen every single person grow, and it makes me so happy that I get to be part of that process. I truly love this organization and all that it has done for me! “

"When I first entered the theatre community I would’ve never guessed how much the arts would impact me. The amount of opportunities we have to perform, compete, and overall experience are some of the greatest moments. We learn and grow so much with every project or character we receive that helps us in our life. In theatre, I learned when you do something do it 110% and proudly, don’t be afraid to try new things, and overall love what you do. I’m in love with the stage and the environment with my friends and mentors- my family. I love being able to express myself in a place freely to do what I'm fond of most. Theatre has changed me for the better by being able to do those things, with those people, on a beautiful stage wherever that may be."

"Theatre made me more confident in myself. I really didn’t have an activity or hobby that I was in love with and when I started doing theatre 5 years ago that’s when I found my passion for theatre arts. I love theatre because of the impact it has on others. Different people take away different things from these stories. I believe that it has such a powerful influence. It has made me a better person by giving me life skills like listening and applying what I've been taught, working with others, and not being afraid to speak up."

"All through my life I have tried so many different things and never found my true passion until I discovered theatre. It has helped me be able to express myself and grow as a person. I have learned so much about myself and everyone else that I have ever worked with. One of the greatest things I have earned from theatre is the new family that I get to experience all of the magic of the stage with. Theatre is something that takes so much hard work and dedication but in the end, end up with a fantastic outcome and you leave with many new memories that you will never forget. It has taught me how to accept and work with people no matter what the circumstances are. Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I will forever be grateful for that."

“Theater has been an outlet for me to try new things and enjoy entertaining others! I love that theater is so inclusive and a team-oriented program. The shows don’t appear out of thin air. It takes hard work and dedication of many people to build a great show. It’s taught me to work hard, enjoy little moments, and endure tough situations. I love everything and everyone in there and I can’t wait to keep going!"

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